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“Polar Borealis #13”; January 2020

Silver Dawn
“The Arcanist”; September 2019

The Noise of Great Waters
“Tales to Terrify Podcast”; September 2018

Castle Doctrine
“Enter the Aftermath”, TNSTAAFL Press; January 2018

Make Me a Monster
“Polar Borealis – Issue #4”; Spring 2017

The Door
“Mythic: A Quarterly Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine – Issue #2”; Spring 2017

Someone Else
“Quickfic Anthology 2″, Digital Fiction Publishing; July 2016”
“Frightening: A Collective Work”, Sez Publishing; December 2015

Out of print

Through the Tulgey Wood
“Tell Tale Press”; September 2019

Teddy Bear Picnic
“Tell-Tale Press: Creatures”; May 2019

The Grylocks
“DarkFuse #4”, DarkFuse; July 2016
“Darkfuse Magazine”; July 2015